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by | Jul 2, 2024 | Featured, Safety

It’s July, and we are here for it. Especially in terms of keeping our communities safe. It’s up to all of us.

UNPHC EDX has gathered everything you need to know to be aware. Community Watch Programs are a great addition to neighborhoods.

The most successful Community Watch groups go beyond just being the “eyes and ears” for law enforcement. In addition, law enforcement agencies encourage citizen groups to sponsor community clean-ups, collect clothing, blankets and toys for homeless people, organize after-school activities for young people, help victims of crime, and form task forces that influence our lawmakers and policymakers.

This link will offer resources on how to form your own community watch or join an existing watch group.


Financial crimes such as identify theft, white-collar crime, cybercrime, and all other types of scams designed to steal your money can affect anyone. However, criminals often target those who are most vulnerable, including the elderly. The Utah Attorney General’s Office has all you need to keep you safe:


Utah Division of Public Safety has a host of services to keep us all a bit more comfortable as we increase our level of knowledge around the public good.


While we all need to be aware and observant, the other side of the coin when NOT to call the police. It’s important to understand real risk, and not burden law enforcement with unnecessary calls. This article dives deep into those thoughts.




We wish you good health and much happiness.


A few more resources for our UNPHC EdX topic of the month: Crime Prevention

Here are seven Principles of Crime Prevention from SLPD that can be easily added to
our routines and households.

  • Target Hardening: Make certain your spaces are secured, locks, window jams, and tightening up loose door hinges, etc..
  • Target Removal: Keep exterior spaces well it with clear views.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Work together with neighbors to look out for each other’s safety.
  • Safe Territory: Encouraging a sense of ownership and responsibility for an area among its residents or users. Use fences and gates to control who can come in and out of places.

  • Keep Places Clean: Make sure places are clean and taken care of so potential Intruders know the residents are often home, keeping watch, and taking care.
  • Know Your Neighbors: Get to know the people who live near you so everyone can help keep an eye out for trouble. Think Mr. Rogers.

  • Community Engagement: Involve your neighbors, property managers and friends, in crime prevention efforts through education, awareness campaigns, and programs that build trust and cooperation between residents and law enforcement.

Life is Short. Enjoy the Ride.

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