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Pre-Application for Affordable Housing

UNPHC: Pre-Application for Affordable Housing


Head of Household Information

Additionally, for NON-HUD Properties, if any of the following apply, you may be eligible for a preference over all others on the wait list. Please mark all that apply and be prepared to provide documentation.

Please answer the following questions considering each member of the household.

Signature Clause

I certify that to the best of my knowledge all above information is true and correct. I understand that providing false information or making false statements may be grounds for denial of my pre-application. I understand that this 'Pre-Application' is only for placement on my selected waitlist(s) and that I/we must complete a full 'Application' when I am contacted by a UNPHC Representative. In addition, my/our occupancy is contingent on meeting management's resident selection criteria and program requirements.

Pre-Application Submittal Checklist

(Selection Required)

Please mark all properties below that you would like to be added to their waitlist and feel you would qualify based on age and household size. If you submit your application to the Corporate Office without this page being completed, your application will be rejected. It is your responsibility to notify each property you have marked below of any changes to your Pre-Application. Make sure you print a copy of this Pre-Application and Checklist for your records.

Age 55 & Older Properties
Age 62 & Older Properties
Family Properties