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by | Mar 29, 2024 | Education, Featured

On January 11, 2024, due to a lack of additional funding from Congress, the FCC released an Order announcing steps to wind down the Affordable Connectivity Program. This program provided monthly subsidies to low-income households for internet services. Many of you have enrolled in the ACP and are receiving low to no-cost internet thanks to the subsidy. Currently, we are working with Utah internet providers to find out next steps. We will be updating you, and your property managers as more information comes in.

At this point, the ACP funds run only through the end of April. Be on the lookout for notices from your Internet providers. We do know that Comcast Internet Essentials, will continue to be $9.95 a month, and for those with greater bandwidth needs, Internet Essentials Plus for $29 per month, in addition, they offer WiFi hotspots through WiFi Pass, for $10 for 30 days. As residents of UNPHC properties, you are eligible. The Comcast Lift Zones (which operate at a number of our properties) will continue to provide free access.

We are waiting for information from other providers and will keep you posted here, on our Facebook page and website, as well as offering information to your property managers as soon as we have more details.

The good news is that despite this setback, our partners in bridging the digital divide, such as The Utah Broadband Center, Connecting Utah, The State of Utah, Comcast, Google Fiber, Mobile Beacon, and others are committed to maintaining affordable internet for ALL!

Stay tuned and stay connected!

We wish you good health and much happiness.


A few more resources for our UNPHC EdX topic of the month: Digital Literacy


Did someone say CHATGPT? AI is both a part of our future, but also, its right here, right now. And, it can be tremendously useful, if we use it wisely. Here is how to use it, and make the most of this new technology:


Utah Libraries are magnificent and free! They also do great work helping us all sort through how to become more digitally smart. The Tech League is the Library’s initiative to build a more digitally inclusive community through information, workshops, events, and classes. Check out your local library in person or go here:


Techboomers.com: A free educational website that teaches older adults and inexperienced internet users with basic computer skills about websites. Provides a vast array of articles, tutorials on 21st-century online platforms, tools, and social media.

DigitalLearn.org:  A “one-stop shop” for computer and technology training for computer basics, hardware, software, and applications as well as basic job search resources. Resources include facilitator support for utilizing the courses and designing your own.

GCFLearnFree.org: Website with free resources and tools for learners to acquire necessary skills for 21st-century life. From Microsoft Office and email to reading and math, the site provides more than 180 topics, with more than 2,000 lessons, 800+ videos, and 55+ interactives and games.

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