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by | Jun 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

Good Summer to You!

Looks like heat is in the forecast. And, while some like it hot, others might need to find a way to cool their heels. It’s Family Living and Childcare month at UNPHC, so let’s start by cooling off.

Salt Lake City will operate Cool Zone program through October 15. Go here to find the nearest spot to cool your jets.


Now that you’ve cooled down, let’s go have some summer fun. Here is a list of free or cheap activities in SLC and beyond. Great for families, seniors, and adults!



Feeding a family is expensive, feeding a family healthy foods even more so. Utahns Against Hunger is here to help. For starters, here is a list of Farmers Markets that accept SNAP. This is a delicious season to buy it locally, and buy it fresh.


There’s never been a more important time to focus on kids’ emotional health. Action for Healthy Kids is launching a “Summer SEL Challenge.” Starting July 5, they will send a weekly list of themed, family-friendly activities to help boost kids’ social-emotional learning and build healthy habits. Each of the four weeks will also contain a pay-it-forward activity to spread support and kindness throughout your community.

Back to School: Safe & Healthy in an Uncharted Landscape

For our seniors, our friends, and aging and adult services have some great ideas to keep your summer filled with delights.


Here at UNPHC, we support and advocate for vaccinating against the COVID-19 virus. Let”s get our shots, and get our community lives back. Here is the latest information on where to get yours:


Enjoy the warm sun, the children’s laughter, garden delights, and the place you call home.

All the best from us to you.



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