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Being A Good Neighbor

by | Mar 13, 2019 | General

Hello UNPHC Tribe!

March’s UNPHC Ed X Learning Community Theme is:

Apartment and Independent Living.  Hacks and Resources.

From single parents, to singles, to seniors, to those differently abled–we could all use the occasional life hack.

Our third Thursday class will be filled with them!  A few tips in the meantime:

  • Make it your own. Let’s get on trend and embrace ‘the life changing magic of tidying up’. It’s free and very freeing.
  • Make it at home.  And make it healthy! Cooking for one or a family, the dinner table is important space. The ritual of sitting and eating a healthy meal cooked by your own hands, can be powerful. Alone, or with family or friends, the table is a place to take a breath, and take a bite.
  • Don’t wait to report maintenance issues. Report issues with your water, electricity, heating/cooling, and pests as soon as it happens. The earlier we can catch it, the better for all.
  • Know Your Rights. At UNPHC we are diligent in following Utah law to create a safe and pleasing living environment-but educating yourself is powerful.
  • Differently Abled? For those living Independently with a disability our aim is to supporting the equality of life for people with all kinds of disabilities by connecting you with services that work to eliminate economic, social, attitudinal, and environmental barriers.

Below are links related to each of these topics, and don’t forget to join our Monthly UNPHC EdX Learning community session to learn more.

March 21 and March 23rd at 3pm! See your Property Manager for further information.

Space saving tips and apartment living life hacks:



Healthy meals on a budget, easy meals for one, and more…




Tenants Rights:




Differently-Abled Independent Living Resources

Turn Community Services


Utah Independent Living Center