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Don’t let the fear of finances scare you off the yellow brick road. The UNPHC Edx Learning Community Module for April is Financial Literacy.

Along with our Third Thursday Module, we’re going to dive deep, and offer a 4-week class to work with you and your relationship with money, even if it feels like you want to break up.

 “There is sometimes an underlying belief that lower-income Americans don’t know how to manage their money as well as the rich do — when the exact opposite is true. The very nature of poverty means that the poor are often the savviest budgeters of us all. This is borne out of necessity. If you have limited income, the daily tradeoffs you face prompt you to watch your finances more closely.” Matt Darling, VP of Ideas42, Harvard University

We’re with Matt. And we want to help you build on your already significant skills.

On Thursday, April 18th and Saturday, April 20th, we will host our fourth module of the UNPHC Edx Learning Community. See your property manager for specific details.

In addition, we’ll be offering in-depth, in-person classes offered by the National Award Winning USU Extension.  Snacks and giveaways at every session, AND be entered to win an HP Chromebook and more upon completion of all four sessions!

Topics will range from:

PowerPay- a self-directed debt elimination strategy, how to spot a scam, special topics for youth, credit cleanup, and basics such as checking accounts, creating a household budget, prioritizing spending.

More specifics will be posted soon, in the meantime; Save The Dates and plan your bus route!

Riverwood Cove Apartments: 582 Riverside Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

April 13, 10 am

April 27, 10 am

May 4th, 10 am

May 11th, 10 am

Childcare will be provided weather permitting.

In the meantime, want to save $1300 in 52 weeks? Here’s how

52-week money challenge: Save $1300

Head to the UNPHC Facebook Page and join the conversation.

Take care,

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