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by | Jan 21, 2020 | Featured, Financial

The UNPHC Edx Learning Community theme for January 2020 is Financial Literacy; using your mad skills for juggling your dollars, to create more Dollars and $ense!

“There is sometimes an underlying belief that lower-income Americans don’t know how to manage their money as well as the rich do — when the exact opposite is true. The very nature of poverty means that the poor are often the savviest budgeters of us all. This is borne out of necessity. If you have limited income, the daily tradeoffs you face prompt you to watch your finances more closely.” Matt Darling, VP of Ideas42, Harvard University

We want to help make the most of your already well honed budgeting skills. To that end, we are offering a free program and online financial literacy course: Dollars and $ense, offered by Medallion Bank. This is an interactive, simple and easy course and downloadable app to help you make the best of your money in 2020. It is NOT your average Financial Literacy learning!! Please join and enjoy!

Kim Haney of Medallion will lead the way for January 2020, UNPHC Edx Learning community. This month we will deliver it the fourth Thursday, January 23rd 3pm, and the following Saturday at 3pm. See your property manager for more details. 

In the meantime, here are some easy tips and tools on how to get a leg up on your finances for 2020 and beyond,


P.S. Erin Mendenhall, our new SLC Mayor, previously scheduled for our January 2020 Module, will be delivering our February Module; Civic Engagement and You!

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