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by | Nov 1, 2019 | Employment, Featured

November is here!

It’s a month about gratitude and we Thank You for joining us in our ongoing UNPHC Edx, Resident Learning Community. The 3rd Thursday and the following Saturday every month at 3pm. See your manager for more details. You can also access us on the UNPHC YouTube channel, and we post the module on Facebook, and our website: www.unphc.org

November let’s talk employment, and access to government resources. Whether you are new to the job force, or retired and looking for a little extra income, we’ve got some great news and connections for you. A new job can give you, in the words of Patti Labelle, A New Attitude. Finding resources you need, will give you breathing room.

The Department of Workforce Services is one stop shopping! You can access a data base of over 20,000 jobs in many fields, they will help you create a resume, and help with references. as well as apply for food stamps, find assistance for child care, medical, financial, disability and unemployment insurance. Online below, or in person at 720 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111


The nonprofit world is always looking for good hearts, and good skills. Check out their listings here:


We are huge fans of technology and the ways in which it can improve our lives. UNPHC will be partnering with Bottega to offer coding courses to selected residents. Think you are too young, or too old to code? Think again. Teenagers, and seniors alike have found new incomes, and a new hobby. If you are interested, talk to your property manager. In the meantime, here are some free resources for learning to code:


Since we mentioned Patti Labelle AND New Attitudes, AND it is an auspicious month for cooking pie, here is a link to her famous Sweet Potato Pie recipe:


Happy Thanksgiving!


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