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by | Oct 21, 2020 | Education, Featured

This month, we filmed one of our favorite UNPHC team members, Marci Milligan. She walks us through how to access UNPHC EdX, and other services available to you as a UNPHC resident (video).

We are also pointing a bit to crime prevention and safe households, for more information on both of those topics please go to:

Salt Lake City Police Department, resources for crime prevention.

Utah Division of Public Safety.

A few words about UNPHC EdX.
We are in our second year of delivering videos, resources, online-trainings, and more to help you live better lives. Our monthly topics address current issues affecting all of us and offer answers and resources to dig deep. And sometimes, it’s entertaining as well.

If you haven’t explored UNPHC EdX yet, there are many ways:

  • In the first week of every month, you will receive a door flyer with info about the monthly topic, and where to watch the module.
  • On the third Thursday of every month* we release a new video on the UNPHC Youtube channel. Simply search for Utah Non-Profit Housing in the YouTube search bar, and then subscribe to our channel.
  • When the video is released, we ask the property managers to attach a resource sheet with websites and other information addressed in the video to your door.
  • The monthly newsletter from your property also profiles what will be talked about in the video, and also offers websites and resources.
  • We post the video, and many other relevant and helpful sources on our Facebook under Utah Non-Profit Housing Corporation at Facebook.com
  • We also post the video later in the month here on our website, along with an accompanying blog, and a treasure trove of other resources via the video tab, the blog tab, and the resource
  • Like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, and check-in anytime with me, Ginger Tolman at ginger@unphc.org , if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or comments.

When we get back to a more normal life, we will again have in-person meetings to watch the videos, engage in discussion, and have more in-depth learnings with each other about the topics presented. In the meantime…hang in there, and give us a look if you haven’t already.




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