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by | Aug 20, 2019 | Education

August is upon us! And along with its seasonal abundance of fruit to can, pies to make (eat), walks to take, pools to swim in….there is also the back to school prep. And if you’re not heading back to school, why not look at some adult ed options, and hit the learning paths at any age?

School supplies can be costly, but necessary. Back packs, new clothes, creating a study station all take extra effort and cash. This website has a number of places for free clothes, school supplies and furniture for the school year: https://cutt.ly/lX79Mg

Computers have become a necessity for our students and ourselves. Our partners at PC’s for People can help! Discounted and sometimes free laptops and desktops can be ordered online: www.pcsforpeople.org/eligibility

If PC’s for People can’t help, this site has 27 other ideas on how to get a free laptop: https://cutt.ly/FX5r8d

Find out holidays in advance so you can prepare for childcare, travel, and gun activities:

Kids (and adults) get hungry! Feeding the body is feeding the mind, and giving your student brain fuel. Here are some healthy, brain filling back to school (or anytime) snacks: https://cutt.ly/rX74oz

Speaking of food, need help applying for Reduced or free lunches? If you are in our housing, it’s likely you qualify. The first link here is for English speakers: https://cutt.ly/FX763S, for translation assistance: https://cutt.ly/ZX77WU

Going back to school is not all about supplies and lunch money, it’s also an emotional roller-coaster and can take a toll on students and families our friends at the Chopra Center have outlined ways to keep kindness and compassion at the front of the class: https://cutt.ly/LX5ws0

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