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by | Apr 3, 2023 | Education

It’s April! The skies have been delivering with quite the bravado, we are here to deliver some great information regarding April’s theme of Digital Literacy, with equal bravado.

For starters, we want to announce the launching of our partnership with the State of Utah to create internet access for all of our citizens.

Education, remote work, and health care are just a few of the reasons why high-speed internet is important for Utahns. Access to reliable internet is essential to students, seniors, and all of us as we navigate today’s world as Digital Citizens. Many of us need some help understanding it all, and we are here to help.

We will be distributing surveys door to door, at events at your property, QR codes, and via our social media so you can tell us what you need to make access to the internet, devices, and the how-to’s, easier.

In our UNPHC EdX video this month we will be talking about it! And, we will be introducing you to our new CEO, Gordon “Mac” McComb. Be sure to tune in. You can find us on the UNPHC Facebook or YouTube channel.

To learn more about the State of Utah partnership, and find Digital resources, go here:
Website: allonline.utah.gov
Email: connectingutah@utah.gov
Hotline: 435-264-8880

The term “Digital Citizenship” is quickly becoming part of our language. The following video gives some great facts about the internet and social media and describes the many ways in which we are all affected on a daily basis by our technology use: 

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