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by | Feb 18, 2021 | Featured, Medical/Health Resources


As we move through the year and get a better handle on the COVID-19 Pandemic (and hopefully a calmer, gentler world) we are grateful to be able to offer you resources and thoughts to help navigate the waters.

Our foremost priority is making certain you have solid, factual information about how to stay safe during this pandemic, how to access vaccinations, and find necessary care.

This link will give you the most current news about the vaccine, and how you can sign up to receive it, as well as other COVID related resources:


We will continue our discussion around health and well-being with our special guest Gabriella Portugal Bouza from Alliance Community Services. We interviewed Gaby for our UNPHC EdX video, available on our website now, and also on our YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Gabriella is a longtime advocate for helping underserved communities access the health resources they need. Her company, Alliance Community Services, provides great options for the underserved. She created a Cancer Survivors Group for women and works to ensure access to healthcare for all residents of Utah, regardless of their ability to pay.

Check it out here:

We are also expanding our partnership with Utah Partners for Health, another great resource for free or reduced care. They provide access to healthcare for those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. They have mobile units, as well as clinics to visit.

Check out their offerings here:

In the meantime, we wish you health, safety, and wellness.