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by | Jun 1, 2022 | Financial

Good June to you!

Nothing puts a twinkle in the eye and a spark in a step like the words “Financial Literacy Month.”

Obviously, we jest.

But what does inspire twinkles and lightness, is a little extra change in your pocket, a healthier bank account, and tools to lift yourself out of debt and have some clear sailing. And that’s what we are going to lean into this month at UNPHC EdX.

The idea of making financial goals and keeping them, for those of us living close to the bone, can feel daunting, unattainable, and discouraging.  And let’s not even talk about the cycles of shame. But, did you know that if you are living at a lower income than most, you are probably much more savvy and agile with your finances than those living an easier existence? In fact, you already have honed the skills needed to “get ahead”.  Now it’s about applying those skills a little differently.

Our partners at Utah State University Extension have created and refined tools, programs, calendars, and one-on-one assistance to make a more solid financial future a reality. And, like everything else that works, it’s bit by bit, and small steps to get to that twinkly-eyed reality. But it works.

We would encourage you to visit this site, which is filled with ways to increase your financial savvy, pay down debts, learn about bank accounts for education and homeownership and simply get a tiny bit ahead using some simple and smart tools. Power Pay for example, which is a self-guided course that has won national awards, helping you to eliminate debt in a way that doesn’t pinch. There are also courses you can take for credit, for free.  Check it out, and keep your chin up. We believe in your abilities to kick your financial future into high gear!

More here: https://extension.usu.edu/finance/


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